Department of Energy

Ballard Engineering, Gas Technology Institute, and Trane Company, Waukesha, Charles Equipment Company, and the University of Illinois at Chicago have teamed to develop and demonstrate a modularized “plug and play” Integrated Energy System (IES) that will supply electricity, hot water, and chilled water to facilities.

The Department of Energy (DOE) issued the subject solicitation to stimulate Submitseveral BCHP development programs. Reciprocating engines offer one of the most reliable and low cost options for powering these advanced energy systems. The system will include standard designs for packaging the engines with standard heat recovery, for hydronic heating, absorption cooling, desiccant dehumidification. The system will include heat recovery from two cooling loops, emissions control technologies, and closed loop fluid cooler technology.

The team objectives are to match generators in the 290kW – 770 kW size range with absorption chillers to achieve optimal performance; develop modular systems in a range of sizes to optimize performance for a variety of energy customers; and demonstrate prototype system(s) in one or more target applications.

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